The Terry Balleggs
The Terry Balleggs

Why play the lottery when you could get your hands on these little beauties?


The Terry Balleggs Trophy


Won by winning, quite simple really


Currently held by:

L. Phillips

Close but no cigar


Won by coming second. The trophy contains a cigar left by the previous runner up, and must be replaced when smoked as a delicious distraction to coming so close and then failing to cut the mustard.


Currently held by:

J. Manson

Mahatma Balleggs


Won by coming third. A strange and rather heavy equivalent to a bronze medal (the worst of all the medals).


Currently held by:

J. Bowden


Elliot Balleggs


Won by winning the repechage. Get knocked out of the main tournament in the early stages, and you get another go, but not for the main trophy. Instead competitors challenge for this losers winner trophy of a life size bust of Elliot Balleggs. Essentially exactly the same as the Europa league.


Currently held by:

H. Crowder


Players player award


Erroneously titled, this trophy should actually be called the winners player award. The winner of the Balleggs each year selects a player that has stood out that tournament, for whatever reason, to win this award. There is currently a lot of on going debate between the players as to whether this trophy is very small, or actually just far away.


Currently held by:

D. Taylor


Coach of the year award


Won by coaching a player to victory. Upon semi-mandatory payment into the coach pot, players are randomly assigned another player to coach. If this coached player goes on to win, the coach wins the pot, and this award (which unfortunately cannot be wielded as it was accidentally bolted to the wall)


Currently held by:

A. Bournat


Black spoon award


Won by being the most recent person to lose a pool game by potting the black. Winners of this trophy are rewarded by being forced to sing the ballegg national anthem in a sailors outfit at next seasons opening ceremony. No further comments.


Currently held by:

J. Manson


Knob of the year


Won by coming last. To win this, you must lose, lose, lose, and then lose again. Quite a feat in itself really.


Currently held by:

R. Jones


Coaches Coach Award


A coach can only work with the tools they're given, and when they're given a spanner, even the greatest of coaches will struggle. This award goes to the coach that really tried, but was let down by their useless spanner of a player, awarded by the Coach of the year.


Currently held by:

H. Cox-Hynd


The Schmeichel


This is not actually the real Peter Scmeichel, it is believed to be just a figurine. It is awarded to the player who achieves the highest score with 3 darts, if tied, or if the highest score at the end of the tournament is 0, the winner is decided by who can get the hottest. This version of Schmeichel, real or not, is confirmed to have Terryballeggs.


Currently held by:

A. Davies