The Terry Balleggs
The Terry Balleggs


The Terry Balleggs welcomes as much free money and merch as possible. We will literally do anything to earn a bit of extra dollar, so if your business could do with a bit of a marketing boost, feast your eyes over our sponsorship options below.

Sponsor a Player:
Player sponsorship starts from £100 per player. There is an additional charge of £5 per appearance, and a further £50 per Tournament win.
The player will wear your company logo or name, which will include featuring in all photographs and write ups. Your chosen player will also shout the name of their sponsor at all starting and closing ceremonies.
Sponsor an award:
Award sponsorship starts from as little as £20 for the players players award, and goes up to £300 for the Terry Balleggs Trophy. Please contact us for specific price breakdowns.
Award sponsorship will get your company name next to each award in write ups and website photographs, as well as announcements at each ceremony.
Sponsor an event:
The cost of sponsoring an entire event starts and finishes at £500. This will get your company name lacquered over as much as possible for that solstice's event.
Tattoo a player:
Get your company name tattoo'd on a player for as little as £10,000