The Terry Balleggs
The Terry Balleggs


Founded in 2014, The Terry Balleggs Biannual Underground Match Trophy Reward Ultimate National Challenge Hope Event One Nation Cup Trophy (abbreviated to The Terry Balleggs BUMTRUNCHEONT), known locally as just the “Balleggs”, is biannual Pool and Darts tournament held on the closest Saturday to each solstice.


The rules of the day are shaky at best, but once it eventually gets up and running, competitors battle it out in a knockout style tournament, playing alternating pool and darts games. Essentially the same as Wimbledon, but with a lot more injuries and shouting.


Competition day takes place in a shed where it’s always 4.50pm. The origins of this building are heavily disputed, many believing it to pre-date Stonehenge. Carbon dating of the wood, as well as local accounts of the build, do not back up these claims.


Admittance is on a strict invitational only basis, with a six year waiting list, however spectators are permitted.


Heavy drinking is actively encouraged.

Hanging another competitor is banned.


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